Saturday, December 29, 2012

TCM for January 2013

TCM's January Schedule customizable for your time zone: Click Here

Here's my picks:


A mysterious stranger plays dueling families against each other in a Mexican border town.
C-100 mins, TV-14, CC, Letterbox Format

The mob sets out to catch a child killer whose crimes are attracting too much police attention.


An aging Cavalry officer tries to prevent an Indian war in the last days before his retirement.
C-104 mins, TV-PG, CC

A middle-aged prostitute reflects on her past.


An aging housewife seeks direction when she catches her husband in an affair

After seeing the classic Frankenstein, two naive young girls go searching for the mad doctor's monster


An old gangster and gambler decides to rob a gambling casino


Industrial film showing the making of Tupperware


A small town postman tries to adopt modern efficiency techniques.
Dir: Jacques Tati 

Two children are stranded in the Australian outback and are forced to cope on their own.

Onetime college friends cope with the sexual revolution of the '60s.
C-98 mins, TV-MA, CC, Letterbox Format

A classical pianist who's dropped out of society returns to the family he deserted.
C-98 mins, TV-MA, CC, Letterbox Format

A cross-country trip to sell drugs puts two hippie bikers on a collision course with small-town prejudices.
C-96 mins, TV-MA, CC, Letterbox Format

Vladimir Nabokov's racy classic focuses on an aging intellectual in love with a teenager.
BW-153 mins, TV-14, CC, Letterbox Format


A rock star's personal appearance turns a small town into a disaster area.
C-112 mins, TV-G, CC, Letterbox Format

A banker who's lost his job for growing a beard embraces the cultural revolution.
C-90 mins, TV-PG, Letterbox Format


A young bride is terrorized by the memories of her husband's glamorous first wife.
BW-130 mins, TV-PG, CC

Scientists turn a mentally challenged man into a genius.
C-103 mins, TV-14, CC, Letterbox Format


Retro Hound said...

Some good ones there. There are times I wish I had TCM, but I'm unwilling to pay for cable or sat.

Never heard of Bob Le Falmbeur but it sounds like something I'd love.

I have friends who think Easy Rider has a happy ending.

Some Kind of a Nut looks good too.

Deborah said...

My guilty pleasure would be Bye Bye Birdie - a riot of self-consciousness and not-quite-cool!
Happy viewing and writing in 2013, David.

Bunched Undies said...

The Tupperware thing has me jazzed ;)

Marcheline said...

I love, love, LOVE TCM... but I hate Westerns. It always annoys me when they go on a "Western binge" or a "John Wayne binge" and leave me for days with nothing to DVR. 8-)

P.S. Have you ever seen "The Guilt of Janet Ames"? It's a good-un.

Bunched Undies said...

Thanks Deborah, and same to you. I'm looking forward to your new novel.

Bunched Undies said...

March: No I haven't! I'll look for it.

Bunched Undies said...

March: No I haven't! I'll look for it.

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