Friday, January 27, 2012

How People Find Bunched Undies

Recent search engine terms that have led people to the blog:

Julie Newmar naked or nude
Neither one

Teddy bear porn
Don't want to know

naked netherlands lolitas
Don't have any...but a great name for a band...

Star Trek Monster Vomit
Without which no trekkie is complete....

Family Affair Lesbian Poster 
I hope they didn’t mean the old Family Affair TV show…Mr. French was creepy but I don’t think he was a lesbian 

Film sexy
A truly lazy porn surfer

christina hendrix nude
You and 3 billion other people.

projectile vomiting 

I sincerely hope this was a medical student

amateur hand porn
. That doesn't even make sense

german housewives

All I got is Martina Gedeck fully dressed, sorry

hall oates from a to one
This person is no good at indexing

hippy chick porn
Like far out, Man

teacher student love 

I get a lot of these. There's some sick freaks out there.

looking inside a woman's panties

Junior, get off the computer!

adultery film husband's friend

You know, that guy we saw in that movie that time...

Rock Stars in Their Underpants

Try Iggy Pop. He never wore anything but underpants

бессмертная возлюбленная

Too much Ouzo

using her dildo at her birthday and fall in toi hte cake comedy muvie

Dude, WTF? 

erotic cake wichita
Really don't want to know

One thing no one ever searches for is Film Reviews. Haha


Retro Hound said...

That's pretty funny stuff! I'm not sure what "erotic cake wichita" is supposed to mean, but I'm in Kansas and was just in Wichita visiting my 94 year old grandparents. There was no cake or erotica, I can assure you. Grandma hasn't cooked anything more than a can of soup in about 6 years.

I used to have some of that odd stuff, but haven't seen as much of it the last few years.

I don't remember how I found you.

Will said...

That's SOOO funny. How did you find out? Will

Bunched Undies said...

RH: I think I left a comment about an album cover you posted, but I'm not sure.

Will: The Feedjit widget I have down near the bottom of the page will give you that info. It's a free download if you want to try it on your blog.

Paul van Yperen said...

Hilarious. I need that Feedjit widget too! What's also fun is your advertisment at the top right. I wonder what other people get to see, but today it was underwear for me. Not too bad.

Bunched Undies said...

Bob, supposedly those ads are tailored to stuff you've been shopping for lately. I've been looking at drum sets (mid-life crises I guess) so all I see now are ads from
The ads are working though...last month I made about 20 bucks from them. Now all I need a couple hundred more blogs and I can retire ;) said...

haha, you've got some great ones there! =)

But sometimes I get a bit scared by the things people find my site by. Like when I posted an essay on snuff movies on my site, I was bombarded by people searching for stuff like "how to cut woman to tiny pieces" "watching bitches die for real" and "real life slaughtering of little girls".

I'm also contacted by people who wants me to check out all kinds of sick clips, and recommends I get in contact with some dubious characters who can sell me real snuff.

And then there's all the pedophiles who likes to use my internal search plugin to see if my reviews include words like "naked boys" and "nude children".

I really don't know whether to laugh or cry about attention like this, so all I can do is look at the hit counter steadily rise, and try to be happy about that..

Bunched Undies said...

Geez, mine are quite tame in comparison Tiger. I occasionally get someone looking for stuff with children and I want to barf.

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