Saturday, May 22, 2010

Bunchie's Time Machine: 1886

I decided to test my Time Machine

I set the control with just a few clicks
And transported myself back to 1886

I saw my great, great, great grandfather Logan

Living and breathing from head to toe
And heard firsthand his historic tale of woe

He started life as a farmer

But found the grind a terrible bore
So he joined the army, hoping for a war

As his “luck” would have it,

He didn’t have very long to wait
Because soon began The War Between The States

He jumped to the Confederate side

Virginia’s honor he had to save
Although he’d never owned a single slave

They made him an officer

And he looked dashing in dress gray
For him Bull Run was a very successful day

He was promoted to Captain

And the future looked very bright
But there were many bloody battles to fight

As the war raged on

The carnage grew more brutal in kind
He witnessed horrors that boggled his mind

He got lost in the woods near Stone Mountain

Separated from his unit, he wandered for days
In the wilds of Georgia, everything was a haze

Enemy soldiers eventually found him

He surrendered starving and filthy as a pig
Imprisoned for the rest of the war in a Union brig

Back home, his family was very worried

No word from him for over a year
Understandably, they had the worst kind of fear

After Appomattox, he was eventually released

And made his way home to the Virginia farm
Older and wiser, but safe from harm

The family rushed out to greet him

With joyful cheers and cries
They could hardly believe their eyes

So Logan again took up the plow

And he rarely felt bored or sad
Compared to war, farming wasn’t so bad

I returned to 2010, where I often wonder

Do we really know what we are doing?
Because it seems like another Civil War is brewing...


Paul van Yperen said...

A great trip.

Bunched Undies said...

And it's all true..(except the going back there part..)

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