Friday, May 7, 2010

Bunchie's Time Machine - 1961

I’d hop in my Time Machine

If ever I needed a bit of fun
And set the control to 1961

Life seemed simpler then

The times were not as tense
And my favorite magazine was only 35 cents

Then I’d visit this pool

And refresh by swimming a few laps
Maybe help the gals adjust their bathing caps

Such a workout would make us hungry

As ravenous as newborn pups
So we’d go out for burgers and sippy cups.

After lunch, I’d write a letter

Then I'd send it to young Julie Newmar
And tell her Catwoman would soon make her a star.

For a laugh, I’d go to a car dealer

And test drive that wonderful new Desoto
Then I'd ask someone to take my photo

I’d visit some relatives

Many of whom have since departed
Like my Grammy, who was so kind-hearted

After we said our goodbyes

I’d probably feel a little restless
So off to Paris, where Godard filmed Breathless

Then back to Manhattan in a flash

Where, with my head still swirling,
I’d have cocktails with Draper and Sterling

But now my readers start to giggle…

They’re fictional characters you say?
Yes, you fool…even glamorous Joan Holloway!

But now it’s time to bid 1961 adieu

So back home to Arizona and the present day
Where, if I have all my papers, they might let me stay…


Paul van Yperen said...

Great idea. First of a Time machine series. Where's the first pic from?

Bunched Undies said...

Thank you Bob. The first pic is from "Time Tunnel", a sci-fi TV series I loved as a kid. Here's the IMDB page

pixel-pixie said...

Love your Time Machine episode!

Bunched Undies said...

Thanks!...Hopefully there will be others. I have all these vintage images I need to do something with :)

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