Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Days of Future Passed Part 3

Growing up, I had led a rather sheltered life. I had never traveled more than 200 miles from my home. The most exotic place I'd ever been was Myrtle Beach. To me, Roanoke was a city of electrifying splendor.

I was a farm boy. And after 18 years of cows, chickens, church suppers and weed pulling, I was finally off to college and a life of my own.

On a very humid day, I wandered into a movie theatre, hoping simply to escape the swampy Virginia heat for a couple hours. What I saw that afternoon changed my life:

How ya gonna keep'em down on the farm?

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Anonymous said...

How you gonna keep 'em down on the farm, indeed! I don't know how you unearthed this scene, which I'd totally forgot, from that appalling movie. I have a vague memory of its shocking scene, one I couldn't believe. I think, I recall, I mean, didn't they use BUTTER as a lubricant? This scene makes me break down and want to see Last Tango again...and believe me, I've been resisting it for about 5 years...thank you for the inspiration, Bunchie! x,#102

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