Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Dans Paris (2007)

You've got to admire a director who tries. Unfortunately in Dans Paris director Christophe Honore tries a little bit of everything. Part analysis of a break-up, part romantic comedy, part warm and fuzzy father-son reunion, the film's shifting moods and perspectives attempt to create a rich tapestry of life, but the end results more closely resemble a threadbare bath towel. Guy Marchand is interesting as the father who, despite his gruff exterior and coping with one son who won't get out of bed and another who jumps into too many beds, seems genuinely happy to have his family reunited in their cramped Paris apartment for Christmas. Louis Garrel plays the slacker younger brother who boasts an impressive list of romantic conquests despite repeated references to his dubious personal hygiene. And once again we have Romain Duris as a brooding cuckold whose world has collapsed after a woman done him wrong. Of course, he was having his own affair at the time but that doesn't really count. Despite the official film description, Garrel's character doesn't really play much of a role in Duris's rehabilitation. Garrel tries to help his brother, but he keeps getting sidetracked by all the young femmes in Paris. And with all the sheer stuff going on in this movie, the viewer gets a bit sidetracked as well.

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