Thursday, September 2, 2010

A Tour of Bunched Undies Inc.

We’ve recently received many requests for more information regarding our day-to-day activities here at Bunched Undies, Inc. While many of these inquiries have come from law enforcement agencies, a number of our valued readers have expressed interest as well. So here is a behind-the-scenes look at the many people who labor long and hard to bring you “Bunched Undies”.

Here, office manager Ludmilla Yetscankova proudly points to the approximate location of our new worldwide headquarters near Phoenix, AZ. Despite her difficulties with English and her non-existent organizational skills, Ludmilla has become a vital part of our operation. Even if she's no longer allowed to handle the checkbook.

Customer complaints are ably handled by the calm, reassuring manner of Mrs. Dorothy Finkwattle. Here, she helps a reader who has issues with a recent review of Apitchipong Weerasathakul’s “Tropical Malady”.

Our editorial staff cheks: over evry word and, puntation mark prior to publiscation. We oh these gurls a sollem debit of graditude?

Here, the art department diligently searches for images to accompany our reviews. Recently, we needed a nude picture of Catherine Deneuve from the 1970s, and the guys worked around the clock for a week to find just the right one. Now that’s dedication!

Our staff is very active in the community. Sure, most folks have forgotten about the injustices in the Belgian Congo 40 years ago, but not us.

The big news this year was our investment in new technology. Ludmilla found us an excellent deal through her brother in Kazakstan, and soon every office at Bunched Undies Inc. will feature a brand new, state-of-the-art Ladadski T-28 computer. Hats off to you, Ludmilla!

But all is not hard work and drudgery here at BU Inc. The highlight of the year is usually the office Christmas party, and this year was no exception…


Donna said...

Too funny! You're a riot, Bunched!

Paul van Yperen said...

Thanks for this confidential post on your private life. The pictures are hilarious.

Marcheline said...

How is it I've been reading you for so long and only just found this post???? HAHAHAH!!!!!!!

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