Friday, June 20, 2008

La Chamade (1969)

This movie continues the winning Catherine Deneuve vehicle formula found in Belle du Jour. In other words, she is portrayed as sensitive, vulnerable and a tad slutty. Catherine plays Lucile, a woman kept in luxury by the distinguished and filthy rich Michel Piccoli (my God, this man is in everything). At a party she meets an aspiring writer (Roger Van Hool) who's young, dashing and has a chin that could crack walnuts. Lucile finds herself falling for this younger man, despite the fact that he barely has two francs to rub together. She finally decides to give up creature comforts to follow her heart and live with her struggling writer in his requisite freezing garret. Thats when the real fun begins, as spoiled Lucile tries to adapt to a less sophisticated world and its drudgery. However, the memories of her easy life with Piccoli are never far behind, and remain a temptation. All in all, this is a well executed piece of elegant trash that you can feel good about watching. My favorite line from the film is when Lucile declares: "I told you I wasn't made for work!". I'll have to remember that.

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