Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Tuesday Shout Outs!

Former Village Voice critic J. Hoberman (whose untimely dismissal was discussed here) is back at the keyboard and busier than ever, writing about film for a number of publications. Visit his website to keep up with his latest work.

Mary Birdsong, who played the hilariously androgynous redneck Officer Kimball on Reno 911 - oh, and she had a supporting role in the Oscar nominated The Descendants - has a delightful new blog that will disabuse you of any notion that the movie biz is all tinsel and glamour. Visit Big Mama's Honeymoon Underpants today and click the follow button. (And follow this blog while you're at it.)

Speaking of followers, our friend Hana Gomoláková has a beautifully written review of Four Suns, the new film by Bohdan Sláma (the creator of Something Like Happiness and The Country Teacher).  Hana's article includes an interview with the director. Check it out...

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