Saturday, March 19, 2016

News and Notes: March 2016

Here's a very cool video with side-by-side comparisons of originals and remakes. Scenes from Solaris, Psycho, Old Boy and more...

Remakes from Jaume R. Lloret on Vimeo.

Fans of Yasujirō Ozu, or those looking to learn more about this extraordinary filmmaker, will want to check out this list of essential films from Indiewire.  Then take a few minutes and watch this beautiful video essay by Lewis Bond.

Anime fans will want to investigate FUNimation, a new streaming service devoted to the genre.

And finally, that spiffy new Amazon Echo has a secret audio equalizer built in...who knew??

1 comment:

Mrs. Splapthing said...

The only remakes I condone are:

1. "Cape Fear" - because DeNiro is freakin' AWESOME as Max Cady, and Juliette Lewis adds a layer of sexual frisson that is completely inappropriate and creepy. I still love the original best, though.

2. Conan - because... Jason Momoa with barely any clothes on!!!

All the other ones (especially Psycho) are wretched, immoral creations that make the gods cry.

Never mess with something perfect. Also, there are so many great stories waiting to be put on film. Why rehash? Absolutely no need. Gah. Sorry, you hit one of my pet peeves here.

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