Saturday, February 13, 2016

News and Notes: February 2016

Attention cinematography geeks! Check out this roundtable discussion with Robert Richardson (The Hateful Eight), Alwin Kuchler (Steve Jobs), Danny Cohen (The Danish Girl, Room), Linus Sandgren (Joy), Masanobu Takayanagi (Black Mass, Spotlight) and Mandy Walker (Truth). Show your love for the unsung heroes of cinema.

Check out the director of Room Lenny Abramson's 10 Favorite Films. He must have good taste, because his list is similar to mine!

Netflix and Amazon wrote a lot of checks this year at Sundance.  Get all the new films and distribution deals here.

And finally, here's a guy in Sydney who proves you don't need a big, expensive drum kit to pound out a glorious rhythm. Watch his right hand about 1:10.  It's amazing.

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