Friday, April 19, 2013

Our European Trip Part 2

We took the high speed train from Cologne to Paris and it was a great ride. They kept throwing food and drinks at us - and for train food it was quite good - so we just relaxed and enjoyed the Belgian countryside. There is quite a bit of farming going on in Belgium and Northern France and the plowed fields and lush green hills all reminded me of where I grew up in Virginia.

If all our politicians weren't in the pocket of big oil, we could have high speed rail in the US. Damn shame. Anyway, a pleasant three hours later we were in the City of Lights.

We put a Lock of Love on the bridge

We stayed at the beautiful Hotel de l'Abbaye, and they were wonderful to us. Highly recommended.

And the goodness the food....

The weather was cold and wet for most of our time there. Not what we were hoping for with "April in Paris." But when a city is this freaking gorgeous, who cares about weather?

To be Continued....