Friday, April 8, 2011

Blogger Round-Up 4-8-2011

Gather ‘round Pardners, here’s what ya’ll missed on the innernets while ridin’ the range…

My ol’ pal Wayward Muse is back an’ blogggin up a storm. She picks the good'uns to write about. Take a gander at her reviews and picher shows

JB has a spankin’ new review of Salvador Allende that makes mine look like something a polecat drug home. That cowpoke shore writes purdy.

That nice lady over yonder in France, Miz Lawrenson, has an essay on writin’ that’ll bring tears to your eyes. Y’all pay her a visit…

My buddy Doug is still runnin’ fer President, an’ if things git anymore hinky in Warshington, he just might win!

The ol’ Retro Hound has a passel of book covers and other stuff that y’all may remember from days gone by. Everytime I visit, I git all misty fer the good ol’ days. Tell’em Bunchie sent you.

Take a second look at some Movin’ Picher gems at Quality Cult Cinema. Ol’ Tiger over there has seen it all…even Soylent Green!

Bob has been up to his usual magic at European Film Stars Postcards. I’m right partial to this post about Elizabeth Taylor, lord rest her soul. Where else kin you get educatin’ while looking at purdy pichers?

Well, I see the sun settin in the west pardners, so I better git back to punchin’ doggies.

God it’s exhausting to write in the voice of Ward Bond.


Tiger said...

Wow, thank you, man! =)

I enjoyed that article "On Writing..." as well.

Retro Hound said...

Thanks for the link! I've got lots more than book covers! I do movie reviews, album covers, toys, all kinds of junk!

Deborah said...

Ah'm mighty grateful to you, Sir!

Bunched Undies said...

Y'all are very welcome. I enjoy visiting your blogs and I'm sure others will too.
And yes, Retro Hound has LOTS of cool stuff to look at.

Bob of Holland said...

Thanks, and happy trails!

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