Saturday, January 29, 2011

News and Notes 1-29-11

As January draws to a close...

One of the animated films nominated for an Oscar is a tribute to Jaques Tati, Two reviews of The Illusionist.

Is France becoming a hotbed of action films and comedies?  Is it all Dany Boon’s fault? 'Fraid so.

Director of Oldboy and that girl from The Kids are All Right to team...

Joe's film too freakin' weird for Oscar. No surprise...

Whew…French cinema hasn’t gone all explosions and banana peels. This looks good.

Fabulous Julie Newmar, who has been a great friend to this blog, has a new website chock full of wonderful images. Do check it out.


Doug Stephens said...

I wrote about you. Sort of. It's the post titled (surprisingly enough) "Bunched Undies."

Bunched Undies said...

Thanks for the shout out Doug. Your bio of me is not that fictional except that I indeed have siblings which, as we all know, is much worse than being an only child. I'm damn proud to be #97, (which is the largest two digit prime number in base 10 BTW),
a numeral i share with the great Jeremy Roenick, Cornelius Bennet, and the great for one year Simeon Rice.

Your friend in mediocrity,