Wednesday, January 19, 2011

In Praise of Hippie Chicks

Joan Baez dated Bob Dylan, married a famous draft resistor and sang at Woodstock. She is the Michael Jordan of Hippie Chicks.

Laura Nyro was an extremely talented Hippie Chick. She is greatly missed.

Peggy Lipton was the first Hippie Chick to be a major character on a TV show. She introduced and popularised the concept to Americans.

Melanie Safka is a prolific Hippie Chick. She has made over 30 albums. And you thought "Brand New Key" was her only song.

Barbara Hershey began her acting career as a Hippie Chick. She even changed her name to Seagull for awhile.

There are few women today attempting to keep the Hippie Chick flame alive. We salute them.


Tiger said...

Have you been to The Burning Man festival? =)

Bunched Undies said...

LOL....sadly no TIger. Mrs. Bunched no longer allows me to go to festivals after the unfortunate brown blotter incident at Woodstock

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