Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Bunchie's List

We have recently started accepting classified advertising. Email us to respond to any of the ads below:

For Sale: 1994 Renault. Good car, considering it was made in France.

Lost: Near shopping mall. Grumpy old man with horrible flatulence. If found, please do not return.

Yard Sale: Saturday at 7am. Clothes, shoes, books and old smelly stuff covered in ick

Free to Good Home: Good Lord, my wife must have 200 freaking cats. Please come get some

Work Wanted: Man with tools and truck seeks work in international finance.

For Sale: Cowboy Hat, by man who has come to his senses.

Help Wanted: Work from home. If you have a computer and access to top secret government files, I can show you how to make a fortune!

For Rent: 4 bdrm house. A school, churches nearby, large snake in basement seems friendly.

Work Wanted: Shakespearean actor seeks gainful employment. Noble in reason, infinite in faculties, no votary to fond desire. Have own tights.

For Sale: Like new 6 person hot tub. Never peed or vomited in.

Public Notice: On Tuesday night, the City Council will vote to build a ridiculously expensive stadium that will house yet another mediocre, poorly run, suck-ass sports team. You and your children will be footing the bill for decades to come. The public is invited to attend.

1 comment:

pixel-pixie said...

Excellent. Love the ads.

Sorry, but that's the extent of the cussing out.

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