Thursday, August 12, 2010

Thank You!!!! (2010)

Thanks to all my Regular Readers for checking in. Family commitments and shitty Internet connections have left very little time for writing. Hopefully, posting will return to a more regular schedule in September.


pixel-pixie said...

I'm here specifically to cuss you out, because few things in life bring me greater joy and sense of purpose.

I enjoyed your piece about 'The Kids Are Alright', but without having seen the movie, I'm robbed of the opportunity to pick apart your review.

You added a nice touch with the cluster of mini reviews. I too, enjoyed 'Solaris', and thought that it took too hard a beating from reviewers during the theatrical run.

I enjoyed 'Heaven' a tad more than you did, but it's by no means my favorite Tykwer film.

The others, I have not seen, and must abstain from praising pr pelting your assessments.

In closing, I'm once again amused by your choice of eclectic banner photo. Few people would be able to pick me out among the crowd in the background, purchasing a lime sno-cone.

Your insulting, ever-present blog stalker.

Bunched Undies said...


I seem to be a cult of one in my tepidness toward "Heaven". Many folks of respectable opinions were quite taken with it.

Where you one of the sno-cone hoodlums? You residual check is in the mail.

Be sure to visit next week when our banner image will be a parody of those old fundamentalist scare comics from the 70s. This week, Miss Newmar has the floor (or is it the ceiling?) in honor of her August birthday...something the three of us have in common ;)

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