Monday, April 27, 2009

Movies To Release on DVD...NOW

Life is Sweet (1991)

Mike Leigh's best film isn't even available on DVD.
The movie that made Stephen Rea and Jim Broadbent stars.

And Jane Horrocks a force of nature. If you know Horrocks only as "Bubble" from AbFab, you're in for a shock. Here she is the anti-Bubble: a snarling, angry, pre-goth bundle of paranoid hopelessness. Alison Steadman is terrific as well, and as I have stated ad naseum elsewhere, her character is a sort of precursor of Sally Hawkins in the dreadful "Happy-Go-Lucky".

And let's not forget Anthony Spall, as a would be restaurateur who opens an upscale French bistro in one of the most unappetizing looking rooms you've ever seen.
A truly terrific film...but for now you can only see it on one of these wretched things:


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