Friday, October 16, 2015

News and Notes: October 2015

Too early to think about Oscar? Not for European countries who must decide which films to enter. Belgium has chosen The Brand New Testament starring Catherine Deneuve, and it looks wild and wacky!

Speaking of Oscar submissions, France has decided on Mustang, a coming of age tale set on the Turkish coast. The film will have a theatrical run at select American theaters next month.

The BFI has posted a list of 10 Great Foreign Language Films of the Decade So Far. As is always the case with these sort of lists there are some questionable choices, but in general I agree with it. Which makes it a good list right?

Star Trek isn't dead, Jim. It lives on as a web series, not produced in Hollywood but an abandoned Dollar Store in New York state.  If you're not wearing a red shirt, beam on over here and explore this strange new world.

Attention Marceline. When your hand gets better you can cross stitch your own Cumberbatch!

1 comment:

Paul van Yperen said...

Right, a good list by the BFI, and the top 10 of the readers was even better. And yes, Cumberbatch - hilarious!

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