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TCM for May 2014

TCM brings lots of Aussie goodness in May, along with a mini-Maysles festival and a slew of silly shorts. My picks below, with full schedule HERE. All times Eastern.


A group of Aussie soldiers hope for fair dinkum in Breaker Morant

8:00 PM
When his commanding officers make a mistake, an Australian soldier faces court martial.
C-107 mins, Letterbox Format

10:00 PM
Two Australian sprinters face the brutal realities of war when they are sent to fight in World War I.
C-112 mins, CC, Letterbox Format

12:00 AM
A simple builder's laborer falls in love with a woman who offers him yard work.
C-108 mins, Letterbox Format

2:00 AM
A post-apocalyptic cop seeks revenge when his family is murdered.
C-93 mins, CC, Let


11:45 AM

Trappers lead an expedition against river pirates and Indians along the Missouri River.
BW-138 mins, CC,

2:15 PM
A young widow and her son on an isolated ranch find themselves being protected by a wild stallion.
C-77 mins, Letterbox Format

3:50 AM
Westinghouse shows women how to improve their lives by decorating their refrigerators in this short film.
C-6 mins,


2:00 AM

BW-73 mins,

A taste of the Czech New Wave in The Shop on Main Street

4:00 AM
A Christian forges an unlikely bond with an elderly Jewish shopkeeper during World War II.
BW-126 mins,


8:00 PM

Two presidential hopefuls get caught up in the dirty side of politics.
BW-102 mins, CC, Letterbox Format

10:00 PM
A free-living New Yorker fights to maintain custody of his nephew.
BW-118 mins, CC, Letterbox Format

12:15 AM
A defrocked priest surrenders to the sins of the flesh in a Mexican hotel.
BW-118 mins, CC, Letterbox Format

2:30 AM
A young veteran returns home to deal with family conflicts.
C-108 mins, CC, Letterbox Format

4:30 AM
Asylum inmates stage an unsettling play about the French Revolution in this adaptation of the legendary stage production.
C-119 mins,


8:00 PM

When a group of schoolgirls mysteriously disappear, the survivors find their lives changed forever.
C-107 mins, CC, Letterbox Format

10:00 PM
A Sydney lawyer defends five Aborigines in a ritualized murder and in the process learns disquieting things about himself.
C-106 mins, CC, Letterbox Format

Dust vs. Rust in The Cars That Ate Paris

12:00 AM
A small town in rural Australia makes its living by causing car accidents and salvaging any valuables from the wrecks.
C-88 mins, Letterbox Format

1:45 AM
Two children are stranded in the Australian outback and are forced to cope on their own.
C-100 mins, Letterbox Format


2:00 AM

Tainted LSD leads to a series of shocking murders.
C-95 mins, Letterbox Format

3:45 AM
A schoolgirl spends her summer vacation in a haunted house.
C-88 mins,

5:20 AM
Experts demonstrate such innovative kitchen gadgets as the cheese slicer and the melon baller in this short film.
Cast:  Arnold Morris ,
BW-13 mins,

5:35 AM
The dangers of marijuana are outlined in this educational short film.
C-21 mins,


2:00 AM

Documentary of a reclusive mother and her daughter who created their on own world in their mansion known as "Grey Gardens."
C-95 mins,

In Salesman the Maysles offer a reality check

3:45 AM
The adventures and misadventures of four door-to-door salesmen.
BW-91 mins,


4:00 PM

An ambitious Southern boy tries to set himself up as a street preacher.
C-106 mins, Letterbox Format

6:00 PM
A bogus preacher marries an outlaw's widow in search of the man's hidden loot.
BW-93 mins, CC, Letterbox Format

8:00 PM
In this silent film, a rich hypochondriac on vacation in the tropics gets mixed up with revolutionaries.
BW-63 mins,

9:15 PM
Three sisters deal with their tangled relationships amidst the wonders of New York City.
C-107 mins, CC, Letterbox Format


12:00 AM

An account of the dramatic childhood and early adulthood of New Zealand writer Janet Frame.
C-158 mins, Letterbox Format

Jane Campion's Angel at my Table on the 16th

2:45 AM
A young woman's life is torn apart by the sudden intrusion of her mentally disturbed sister.
C-99 mins,


5:00 AM

The modern miracle of tranquilizers helps working men and their wives deal with life's little problems in this short film.
C-13 mins,

5:15 AM
This short industrial film focuses on the making of Tupperware.
C-29 mins,

5:45 AM
Military tests demonstrate the dangers of poor home maintenance in the event of a nuclear attack in this short film.
C-12 mins,


2:00 AM

A young boy's life changes the summer he moves in with relatives while his sick mother tries to recover.
C-101 mins, Letterbox Format


8:00 PM

A 19th-century doctor questions his motives for rescuing a sideshow freak.
BW-123 mins, CC, Letterbox Format

You've probably seen The Elephant Man. Watch it again.

10:15 PM
A flamboyant star throws a TV comedy show into chaos.
C-92 mins, CC, Letterbox Format


8:00 PM
Two American journalists get more than they'd bargained for during an Indonesian revolution.
C-115 mins, CC, Letterbox Format

10:00 PM
The arrival of a mysterious plumber upsets a doctor's wife.
C-77 mins, Letterbox Format

11:45 PM
An Australian cowboy undergoes numerous adventures as a stand-up comic touring England.
C-114 mins,

Things get wild and crazy at Don's Party

1:45 AM
This film focuses on a wild house party that takes place in a suburban Australian neighborhood in 1969.
C-90 mins,


8:00 PM
The investigation of a publishing tycoon's dying words reveals conflicting stories about his scandalous life.
BW-119 mins, CC,

10:15 PM
Director Orson Welles examines the career of a notorious art forger.
C-88 mins, Letterbox Format

12:00 AM
A Hollywood film director assembles a group of friends and strangers in a deserted movie theater in an examination of failed relationships and loneliness.
C-105 mins,

2:00 AM
A group of women gather for the birthday party of a friend and discuss their lives and associations with food.
C-110 mins,

4:00 AM
A conversation between a globe-trotting theater director and a playwright playfully explores ideas about art, theater, and daily life.
C-111 mins, CC, Letterbox Format


5:50 AM

In this short film, a monkey's prank on a turtle demonstrates how to survive a nuclear attack.
BW-9 mins,

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