Saturday, October 12, 2013

Time Travel with Fred Herzog Part 1

Born in 1931, Fred Herzog's photographs capture extraordinary scenes of everyday life in the post-WWII era. Shot mainly in the environs of Vancouver, Herzog show us a place, time and subject matter we're not used to seeing in such vivid, lifelike color. Think of him as a latter-day Walker Evans with a roll of Kodachrome. We'll be posting a series of his images courtesy of Equinox Gallery.

Man with Bandage 1968

Boys Wrestling 1969

San Francisco 1962

2 White Cars 1969

Salvage Ass'n 1958

Man in Black Hat 1959

Red Stockings 1961

Foot of Main 1968

Prinz 1959

New World Confectionary 1965

Granville/Smyth 1959


Marcheline said...

I love photos like this because they make me feel happy and sad at the same time. Which is better than feeling like complete shite, I suppose.

Paul van Yperen said...

Hmm, some of these pictures of Fred Herzog immediately capture the eye (the man with the bandage for sure) and are wonderful, but some seem to me merely snapshots (e.g. the man with the black hat). But I guess everyone - even a God like Walker Evans - has a shite day:)

Marcheline said...

PSSSSST... I created a Wall-O-Withnail blog that I think you'll dig. Since I got a positive response from Bruce Robinson on the project, and also from Andrea Galer (the costume designer for the movie), I decided to give the wall its own space to grow.

Marcheline said...

Hey - I deleted your comment on my Withnail blog because I'm not connecting it officially to Mental Meatloaf, and you used my MM name in the comment. Sorry, I forgot to tell you. But I'm glad you stopped by and glad you liked it! I just got three new items for The Wall, so check back again soon and see what they are!

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