Monday, June 13, 2011

Tweeting My Junk

Tweeting one's junk is all the rage. Here's mine. And unlike a certain congressman, I can say with complete confidence this is my 100% unretouched junk:

1974 Chevy Luv pickup

Polaroid Camera

  Autographed Poster of Matt Leinart

Broken VHS Deck - I have several of these

Book about Michael Dukakis

Dot Matrix Printer

Hall & Oates Albums

Hope you enjoyed looking at my junk.
Are you as turned on as I am?


Lizelotte said...

I love your junk ... or wait ... that came out sounding wrong!! :D

Well, I nearly cried when I saw the dot matrix printer, and the Hall & Oates album was fairly priceless, too :) I love the subtle use of blusher. And I am pretty sure I still know the lyrics to some of their songs - they were all the rage when I was partying at discos as a teen :D

Bob of Holland said...

My favorite is the Polaroid camera. My Polaroid pictures are all bleaked now, but what a sensation wat that camera.

Bunched Undies said...

Lotte: Actually H&O aren't too bad I guess. I've got some really junky albums from the old days :)

Bob: I miss my polaroid. I wish they still made the film. THe pics had a cold, surreal look that i liked.

Thanks guys. "My Junk" will probably become a regular feature

Doug Stephens said...

Why do you still have the dot matrix? Planning on starting a museum?

It's silly, but I kind of miss watching pages get printed out one line at a time. It was a lot more fun than the DeskJet I have now.

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