Thursday, December 2, 2010

News and Notes - Advent Edition

Welcome to the new visitors from Field Negro!
Our site is largely devoted to reviews of what we American hicks call “Foreign Films”, along with an occasional injection of personal memoir and general silliness. I hope you will look around the site and discover some obscure films that may be of interest to you. Virtually every film featured here can be rented through that horrible company that must not be named. I also hope that you will become a regular visitor and please free to comment if the spirit moves you.

To my regular readers: if you haven’t availed yourself of the Field's interesting and insightful writing you are missing out on some delicious food for thought. His site features lively - at times extremely lively - discussions on the nexus of race, religion and politics in American society. All the topics you sought so diligently to avoid over Thanksgiving dinner are hotly pursued and debated, and you will likely become a little smarter in the process.

In a shocking development, Mrs. Undies and I actually went out to A MULTI-PLEX AND SAW A MAINSTREAM AMERICAN FILM over the holiday. We saw Fair Game, a reasonably good presentation of the events leading up to L’affaire Plame. I’m not going to do a full scale review, but I will say that the film makes it quite clear that Valerie Plame was a vital Intelligence asset, and her outing was treason in the foulest sense. The film was a bit timid, as neither Bush nor Cheney was directly fingered for culpability. But followers of this story from those depressing days in 2003 will find some new and interesting nuggets of information.

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