Monday, November 22, 2010

News and Notes

  • Posting will be very light this week due to the impending doom upcoming holiday.

  • Some of my favorite directors and actors are getting back to work. The film These Two will reunite Haneke and Huppert (yea!!), while the new Resnais will feature much of the same cast as Wild Grass with the addition of the wonderful Jean Pierre Bacri (yea!!)

  • My DVR is crammed with stuff from TV5 Monde these days...including Serge Moati 's excellent talk show Cinemas, which I actually watched yesterday instead of football. My Man Card may be revoked. TV5 and Eurochannel are available from Dish Network. Highly recommended and totally worth it.I dropped Starz and Showtime to make room in the budget and haven't missed them a bit.

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