Sunday, November 29, 2009

My Fifty Favorite Films of This Shitty Decade (with linkage)

Alphabetical order:


After The Wedding




Be With Me

Best in Show

Brokeback Mountain


Changing Times


Code Unknown



Flower of Evil


Frozen River

I’ve Loved You So Long

In The Bedroom

Intimate Strangers

La Cienega

Linda Linda Linda

Little Children

Look At Me

Lost in Translation

Milion Dollar Baby

Mondays in the Sun

Moving Midway

North Country

Private Property

Silent Light


Something Like Happiness

Songs From The Second Floor

Summer '04

Syndromes and a Century

Talk to Her

Tam i z powrotem

Taste of Others

The Chorus

The Class

The Painted Veil

The Son

Time Out


Turtles Can Fly

V for Vendetta




Lizelotte said...

I love that you have "Efter brylluppet" ... "After the wedding" on there :-)

But where are "Volver" and "Broken embraces?" ;-)

I also really liked Woody Allens "Vicky Cristina Barcelona"...

I was somewhat surprised to see X-men :D - but then, I always liked a good action flick :)

Bunched Undies said...

"After The Wedding" was terrific wasn't it? In fact, the Danes have made a number of good films recently :)

Volver I enjoyed, but it didn't quite make the top 50 for me. "Broken Embraces" I have yet to see. My bad.

"Vicky" was only OK in my book. The scenes with Cruz and Bardem were wonderful, but Johansen and what's-her-name were too whiny and annoying IMHO.

As for X-Men, it was handled with quite a bit of srtistry for a comic-based film, plus I've been a fan the characters since the 1960s. I enjoyed it immensely.

Thanks Lizelotte

Bunched Undies said...

srtistry = artistry

You write English a lot better than I do LOL

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