Saturday, March 28, 2015

TCM for April 2015

April showers bring cinematic flowers this month on TCM. My picks below. All times Eastern. Full schedule HERE.

5 Sunday

The overheated Italian melodramas of Raffaello Matarazzo are celebrated on the 5th.
2:45 AM
Youthful rebellion leads a young woman to single motherhood.
BW-87 mins,

4:30 AM
A recently married woman involves herself her sister's traumatic experience.
BW-97 mins,

8 Wednesday

8:00 PM
A traveling strongman buys a peasant girl to be his wife and co-star.
BW-108 mins,

9 Thursday

7:30 AM
Two ranchers fend off a crooked land grabber.
BW-57 mins,

8:30 AM
Texas rangers try to infiltrate a band of counterfeiters.
BW-60 mins,

9:45 AM
Two cowboys hunt down the killers of a young boy's parents.
BW-61 mins,

11:00 AM
Outlaw brothers turned Mounties clash over their different attitudes toward law and order.
C-75 mins, CC,

12:30 PM
A deserter takes on his dead captain's identity to save a wagon train.
C-80 mins, CC,

2:00 PM
A man returns to wreak vengeance against a cattle baron and claim the land that is rightfully his.
C-83 mins, CC,

The workmanlike cinema of prolific director Lesley Selander is featured on the 9th.

3:30 PM
The masked lawman races to save the owners of a set of medallions leading to a legendary treasure.
C-81 mins,

5:00 PM
A war widow spies for the U.S. in Japanese-occupied Manila.
BW-85 mins,

6:30 PM
A sailor vows to give up his wandering ways when he falls for a waitress.
BW-79 mins,

11 Saturday

Early works by Scorsese and Coppola on the 11th.

8:00 PM
A widow dreaming of a singing career ends up waiting tables in Phoenix.
C-112 mins, CC, Letterbox Format

10:15 PM
A housewife who feels trapped leaves home and takes up with a hitchhiker.
C-101 mins, CC, Letterbox Format

16 Thursday

8:30 AM
Five friends struggle to escape the boredom of their provincial hometown in Italy.
BW-108 mins,

10:30 AM
BW-79 mins,

12:00 PM
A sailor falls for a young girl who believes she's a mermaid.
BW-86 mins, Letterbox Format

4:30 PM
A coast guardsman begins to think his mistress's blind husband can really see.
BW-71 mins, CC,

18 Saturday

12:15 PM
Space invaders impregnate six women with super-powered offspring.
BW-90 mins, CC, Letterbox Format

2:00 PM
A space visitor's touch turns an unhappy heiress into a vengeful giant.
BW-66 mins, CC,

19 Sunday

6:15 PM
A man's investigation of a friend's death uncovers corruption in post-World War II Vienna.
BW-104 mins, CC,

Modern ideas disrupt a traditional Japanese family in The Makioka Sisters

3:30 AM
As Japanese society changes, four sisters gather each year to watch the cherry blossoms bloom.
C-140 mins,

20 Monday

6:00 AM
A headstrong girl fights the strictures of the Catholic church in Europe and the Belgian Congo.
C-152 mins, CC, Letterbox Format

6:15 PM
An American missionary falls in love with a Chinese warlord.
BW-87 mins, CC,

Get your Noir on with the great Kiss Me Deadly on the 20th.

8:00 PM
Detective Mike Hammer fights to solve the murder of a beautiful hitchhiker with a mysterious connection to the Mob.
BW-106 mins, CC, Letterbox Format

11:45 PM
A pretty female hitchhiker creates tension between two friends touring France.
C-105 mins, Letterbox Format

1:45 AM
A young businessman and a hitchhiker develop a deadly rivalry during a boating weekend.
BW-94 mins,

21 Tuesday

6:15 PM
A porn star thinks he's become a werewolf.
C-92 mins, Letterbox Format

8:00 PM

Human Voice,  a new short film starring Sophia Loren, debuts on the 21st.

An aging beauty tries desperately to win back a lover drawn to a younger woman.
C-35 mins,

8:30 PM
A businessman's discarded mistress refuses to tell him which of her three sons is his.
C-102 mins,

24 Friday

8:30 AM
A conservative teacher struggles with her values while teaching natives in New Zealand.
C-97 mins, Letterbox Format

10:30 AM
A Parisian policeman gives up everything for the love of a free-living prostitute.
BW-143 mins, CC, Letterbox Format

1:00 PM
Political pundits mistake an illiterate gardener for a media genius and turn him into a national hero.
C-130 mins, Letterbox Format

3:15 PM
An aspiring executive lets his bosses use his apartment for assignations, only to fall for the big chief's mistress.
BW-125 mins, CC, Letterbox Format

5:30 PM
A veteran returns home to deal with family secrets and small-town scandals.
C-136 mins, CC, Letterbox Format

26 Sunday

A double feature of gems from the Czech New Wave on the 26th.

2:00 AM
Five comic tales of love showcase the growing Czechoslovakian film industry.
BW-105 mins,

4:00 AM
Picnickers are held captive by a sadist and his gang.
BW-71 mins,

27 Monday

12:15 AM
An L.A. private detective puts aside his own marital woes while tracing a topless nymphet to the Florida Keys.
C-100 mins,

29 Wednesday

11:30 PM
A modern-day Native leader launches an uprising against the U.S. government.
C-106 mins,

1:30 AM
During World War II, Italian villagers hide their wine from the German army.
C-140 mins, Letterbox Format