Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Tweeting My Junk: Holiday Edition

Last year I tweeted pictures of my massive junk and so many people were turned on I decided to give it another go. Here's some junk I've gotten as presents over the years...

Palm Pilot…Now that's some seriously expensive junk. They don't make junk like this anymore.

Rubik's Cube: After months of trying, I accidentally solved it one day while watching television. Haven't played with that junk in over 30 years.

Acid-Wash Jeans: I guess this junk is fashionable again. Why would you want to cover your junk with junk that looks like someone threw up on it?

Self explanatory junk

Bread Machine: The holy grail of junk. I got one for Christmas a long time ago, used it once and realized it was easier and cheaper to buy bread at the store.

Casio Keytar: I actually asked for this junk.

Model Ship: A fine example of junk. Never built it. I don't even like ships.

Leisure Suit: This junk has been packed in a box since the 1970s. 
Wore it once. It was dark brown.  
I literally looked like merde