Saturday, October 12, 2013

Time Travel with Fred Herzog Part 1

Born in 1931, Fred Herzog's photographs capture extraordinary scenes of everyday life in the post-WWII era. Shot mainly in the environs of Vancouver, Herzog show us a place, time and subject matter we're not used to seeing in such vivid, lifelike color. Think of him as a latter-day Walker Evans with a roll of Kodachrome. We'll be posting a series of his images courtesy of Equinox Gallery.

Man with Bandage 1968

Boys Wrestling 1969

San Francisco 1962

2 White Cars 1969

Salvage Ass'n 1958

Man in Black Hat 1959

Red Stockings 1961

Foot of Main 1968

Prinz 1959

New World Confectionary 1965

Granville/Smyth 1959