Friday, March 30, 2012

How People Find Bunched Undies Part 2

Recent searches that have led folks to the blog.....

adultery in movies
 Bet that returned a hit or two.

space ghost porn.
C’mon, is nothing sacred?

boy touch girl body part
A shy porn surfer

what is that lipstick on the glass he is upset in the restaurant

bunchie eats stuff.
Same to you buster!

Slave mistress knees
Sorry, only got Claire’s Knee

grandmother naked
How does that lead here??

black emanuelle betamax
Time to upgrade Dude.

freakin shit
Kids and computers, nothing but trouble

nude bunching jumping
Sounds painful

movie stars that are democrats
and Google melted...

pornographic Oscar Award.
This year they certainly were.

robin wright breaking and entering thong.
I don’t remember that scene…

purple vomit.
Wasn’t that a Hendrix song?

 porno naked boode
Good grief, everyone knows how to spell booty….

adolescent egocentrism
Can you say redundant?

beer vomiting.
Should be an Olympic sport…

hot undies guy
Yep, that’s me.

incest mature.

wilford brimley on a bunchie.
Words fail me….